It’s Mothers’ Day again, and I am so thankful for my sweet, loving, funny boys ❤ I am so blessed to have them in my life!
It’s not about presents, but they’re a way of showing love – morning started with excited sweet ones outside the door, waiting to give me something special. I never know what I’ll get, and it doesn’t matter too much – I love that they think about me and what I might like. That’s my best gift of the day… There was giggling over pancakes for breakfast, cooked by Hubby ❤ , who also made a steak lunch for us all. Nutritious and yummy 😀


Here’s what I got today – what was given to me, and what I got for myself… ginger and turkish delight from my boys, and flowers, tim tam and coffee sachet from church. I treated myself to a creme brulee chiller, some nice pink dishes and a unicorn wheat bag. All Mums at church today got a bookmark made by ladies from India for Empart, which I forgot to photograph with the rest. Here’s the front –


And the back –


Close-ups of my flowers 😀




Now, just about time for bed…

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Reflecting On The Precious Things

Breakfast in bed this morning! 🙂 Brioche buns and a cup of tea.
My sweet boys worked out a way to get me some stuff I’d like with not much money or time on their side (because they’re clever and gorgeous )… but the best thing was seeing how pleased they were, and to share the morning with them. The cost of a gift in money means nothing – it’s the thought that goes in to it.

Today in church we heard about Susanna Wesley, who was the mother of John and Charles Wesley. She had nineteen children altogether; only eight of them survived her. In a life of challenges and hardship she raised them well, caring for them body and spirit, as individuals. Here’s a list of house rules she had (there are more…)


You may agree with all, or just some, of them. I love the attention to the dignity of each child, recognising intent as well as deed. I don’t know if I could come up with twelve or more house rules (I’m sure we have rules that are understood – I’m just not organised enough to write them down).
I love being Mum. Looking at people like Susanna can sometimes feel intimidating, as well as inspiring. Whatever hardships come my way, I will still always have something to fall back on, whether personal or financial. I also have the help of the best Father, Who is always there and always able…
I have done well, in some ways, as Mum. I have also done badly, over the years. It’s a learning curve, and I still have a long way to go. 🙂 I have had a lovely Mother’s Day, though. I hope you’ve had the best day possible – whatever your situation.
-whether your children are close, or gone from your life (physically or emotionally)
– whether you feel you’re doing well at the moment, or you feel you’ve made mistakes (and you wish you could roll back time and change things)
– whether you have things in order and life running smoothly, or you just feel over it and you’re struggling to keep going
– whether you’re full of joy, or bowed down by grief…

Your heart is still “Mummy” 🙂 I pray for love, and blessing, and a community of other Mums around you.

Just to finish – here’s a polaroid, taken at church this morning, of me and my sweet Littlest Bean (Biggest Bean was elsewhere). He was quite reluctant to have his photograph taken (and to be on here), but he gave me permission in the end…


Isn’t he gorgeous? ❤ Not my best look (I blinked just as the camera clicked) but I’m glad I have it.

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Being Mum

Today is Mothers’ Day in Australia… I’ve had a lovely day. Hubby and I have both been ill in bed through the week, but were able to get to church today. My sweet beans gave me pressies, and a hand drawn card from little Bean. I would have liked to post a photo of them both, since I’m only Mum because of them 🙂 Neither of them are too happy about public photos though… (and I forgot to ask before they went to bed!)

Here’s a photo of my gifts..


Both boys got me crosswords, since that’s what I asked for. The chocolate came later (picked up on the way home from church). The rubies tote bag was a gift for all the women who came to church today, and we picked up custard tarts because I wanted to watch “As Time Goes By” while we ate lunch. I love being Mum!

To finish – here’s a song we heard today, originally sung by a very famous Mother…

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Mothers’ Day today!
I was woken up this morning by smiling (sleepy) boys – I knew I would get some choccies but was surprised by homemade cards, too. ❤

photo (69)

Sweet! 🙂

Also – croissants!

photo (70)

Breakfast of champions!

…and lunch as well!

photo (68)

On review… distinct lack of fruit and veg..
Should be OK for one day 🙂

Back to the real world tomorrow…

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The Hows, Whos, And Whys…

… my day was special….

Love you, Sweet Boys 😀

…even on those not-so-picture-perfect days!

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Mad Hatting

On Sunday, our church is having a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for Mothers’ Day. I don’t have a hat for it (especially not a mad one!), but if I did, I would like it to be some sort of steampunk…

I quite like this one..

…. although it’s supposed to be a witch’s hat… has any witch ever really worn this style hat?

My preference would be for a top hat…. here are my favourites 😀

A Mad Hatter Hat!

… and, to finish off, a Tardis Steampunk Top Hat!

Because top hats are cool.

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