Back To The Keys

We’re back online, after over a week off – trouble with cables (or something…)
I’ve had a much better week than the last week, although still with its downs. Got to go out more than usual – cafe, cinema, even twice to the library! 🙂
Saw this on our way for coffee – looks great, and hopefully the first of many?


It’s the Ipswich Festival at the moment, so we went to the Global Fiesta… ended up pouring rain on our way out, but glad we got there. We didn’t hear much of the music (saw the tail end of the morris dancers’ set as we came in – that was fun) but I got my hand hennaed.


Here’s the “before”. It got a bit wet, and blurred in places.
Here’s the “after”


I’m hoping it will darken overnight.
If it’s not raining tomorrow, we’ll go to the Jazz, Wine and Blues in the afternoon/evening…

It’s nice to be back! 🙂

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