Lest We Forget


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Family Day

Anzac Day – not a celebration of war, but a remembrance.. when we remember and honour those who went to war, and never returned.. We also honour those who came back, broken and torn, those who could no longer navigate the world with peace of mind.. those who saw friends fall, and felt the guilt of still being alive. We honour the families who waited, and who sometimes waited in vain… and we remember and honour those who are in war zones right now, or who are training in readiness.

We didn’t get to the march today, and I feel a little guilty about that, but today we pulled the curtains, stayed in our pyjamas, made popcorn, and spent the morning snuggled on the sofa watching DVDs.. Today we just wanted to spend together as a family, enjoying time together, remembering the good that can still be found in this world.

We watched Prince Caspian, from C.S.Lewis’ Narnia series.. here’s a montage, with the final song from the movie..

Why do we love to watch such fantasies – why do they tug at our hearts? Perhaps they tap into a place deep within us – a place where we have been given a memory, or a glimpse of eternity – that there’s something more..

I believe in a Saviour, who made a way for us to get back to God – to the place we were always meant to be.. I believe that when we watch movies, or read books, where good overcomes evil and all is right in the end, that those stories sound an echo in our hearts, that all will be well, and there is a way home.Even in the greatest darkness, there is still the capacity for light..

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