Contemplations And Acquisitions


I’ve been walking more frequently lately, contemplating life and enjoying the warmer weather. This is a tiny flower I saw the other day, peeking out towards the sun.

It’s been the first week of holidays – gone fast! Sweet Bean is at camp at the moment, so we had the chance to go out after dropping him off yesterday afternoon. It started off sunny, with the river sparkling so much it was hard to see to take the photo…


It wasn’t long until dark clouds came barrelling over…IMG_1829

It didn’t actually rain, in the end. We enjoyed our time out – chai latte for me and a choc-mousse cake to share.



As for our acquisitions – if you’ve visited us in the past, you will have noticed that our futon sofa has not been in the best of repair, or comfortable, lately. Very lumpy, and bits of foam spilling out everywhere. I patched it, but there’s a point where that just doesn’t work anymore.
We had a look at Lifeline last week, and found a nice, sturdy sofa, bought it and arranged for delivery the next day. We received a phone call later that day – it had been damaged while being moved – did we want to have a look at it? The tone of the call made it seem like the whole side had been ripped off. We were offered a good discount when we got there, and a free bit of material to patch it up. It ended up just being a rip across one corner, which I sewed up when we got it in the house.
Behold – the new sofa!



What else have we acquired? A new laundry basket! How exciting!


The old one’s been disintegrating for quite a while now. Can’t wait to use the new one!

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