The Lights Stay On

We had a sudden storm this afternoon, with horizontal rain and leaves and branches dropping everywhere. No hail, and it didn’t last long, but a bit of a mess after. The power went out a while after, though – a tree down somewhere. It stayed off for a couple of hours. This was our light inside for a bit (battery operated).


It was still light outside, although the evening was drawing in. The boys were not able to do anything with the computers, so we had a bit of time just chatting with them in our room… littlest Bean was telling us jokes from a book. We eventually went down stairs and sat outside, each with our own book. There was more light and it was a lot cooler. Here’s our feet, with a mosquito coil in the middle (rain and heat bring out the mozzies…)


I loved the fact that they still wanted to spend time with us. I’ve been feeling a bit sad lately, with them growing up, with different pastimes, often not including us… I’m happy they’re growing up, and enjoying seeing how they grow and change. I just get a bit nostalgic sometimes, especially remembering Christmases when they were little 🙂
We had to light the mozzie coil this afternoon, but the power came on fairly soon afterwards, and we all drifted off into our various pursuits. It was a lovely, cozy, family afternoon while it lasted!

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