…And The Heavens Opened.

We’re just chilling at the moment, after driving through the storm a bit earlier in the afternoon…
Hubby and I were at South Bank for his graduation ceremony, for a short course he’s just finished. It was a pilot course to see how it would work, so they were all excited to have got through and done well. I’d post photos but I don’t have any yet. 🙂

We had a fun afternoon, but the skies had gone dark by the time we left, and the rain started as we drove into the darkness. Thankfully there was no hail, but it was hard to see at times and we hit patches of deeper water from time to time. We got home safely, but slowly… 🙂

Here’s a photo – the iPod doesn’t really show how black it was, though.


I filmed a bit when it was starting to die down, and put a song on as well…
(I also filmed during the worst of it, but it just sounds like really bad static.) This one starts off sounding like static, but hopefully it’s not too annoying…

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