Faint Not

Today I’ve veered between a sense of disbelief and a renewed appreciation of what is good and beautiful in the world.Here’s what I know 🙂
Yes, there’s terrible things going on in the world. We should never become jaded and complacent, and we should stand against these things and stand with those who suffer them…give – pray – act – whatever we find in our hands to do.
There’s also beauty. We can all bring light to our own spheres of influence. That may be by giving money or time. Where that’s beyond our means, we can still share a smile or a kind word… light always overcomes darkness.
The majority of people are still kind, and generous, and interesting, and often quite surprising!
I believe there is a God Who holds us securely, even if He still gives us enough room to mess things up…
I believe in Jesus, Who came to reconcile us to God, and the Holy Spirit, our comforter and guide. We are never alone, and never abandoned.

There is a thread of love and redemption that winds its way through the universe. It was there at the beginning, and will be there till the end.

Take a breath…
Grab hold…
and hang on!

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