Thursday, Not A Cut Above

As you can probably tell, it’s not Thursday today… this musing starts yesterday.
A week or so back we were cold called by a sunspot checking practice, so we said OK (I grew up in Northern Queensland, so it’s worth having a look…) and made appointments for yesterday.
Got there. Filled out forms. Went in.
All going well, the doctor was running the light thing over my skin, I’d pointed out some slightly worrying (to me) bits, including a spot on my cheek. We were idly chatting… and then – suddenly – there was freezing stuff all over my cheek, and he was scraping at my face with a sharp implement.
No explanation. No consent.
I sharply remonstrated (in other words, I didn’t have a clue what was happening and insisted he told me what he was doing). “It’s OK,” he said. He was just going to scrape the skin off. I was in a bit of a panic at this stage… I had also already stated that taking the top layer of skin off had previously not worked – it always came back. Also, it was not OK. Not at all.
He seemed surprised. The last few people in had been elderly (why was that relevant?) and had had this done many times. They had no problem with the procedure. I repeatedly tried to explain that that was immaterial – those people were not me; I have not had this done before, and I should have been consulted beforehand. “Oh well… it’s OK,” he said…
I did eventually consent to have anaesthetic and a biopsy taken, but I’d lost my trust by then. I’m never going back there again, though, so it had to be done. He said that it would only be the top layer of skin, and leave a “white patch” after. He starts dabbing at my face after the procedure. “What are you doing now?” “Oh, just mopping up the blood…”
I was still shaking after we left. Yes, as procedures go, it’s not very invasive or painful. I just wasn’t prepared for what happened.
Hubby took me to Coffee Club after, where I settled down with hot chocolate and blueberry and apple pie. I do recommend that as a form of first aid. 🙂

So – today. We’ve had a quiet day. Still studying, even finished an assessment. Started reading an Inspector Morse, which I’ll continue with later tonight. We’re watching Star Trek – Search for Spock at the moment, while eating home-made pizza.
It’s the end of the holidays (pretty much – still Queen’s Birthday holiday on Monday) I’ve done more than I thought I would, in some ways. Less than I thought, in others.

Overall, life is good. It can just be a bit surprising sometimes!

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