Read When You Want To

The title has a bit of a dual meaning… on the one hand, today I sent in the last of my assessments for this round of subjects and am still waiting for my next lot, so I have some time to just read. Whenever I want to.
On the other hand, I’ve been meaning to post about a 24 hour, pay what you choose bookstore we checked out a couple of months ago. It’s called the Logical Unsanity Bookshed, and it’s in Bardon (check out the link in the name for the address)

I had a great time looking round and, yes, buying books…
There are suggested prices inside the books, but you can pay what you feel they’re worth – just try to keep it reasonable! There’s an honour box towards the back to put the money. We also took some of our books in to offset the cost.

photo (37)

Looking from the back to the front – the books are in various boxes and shelves, and you might feel a bit dusty after going through them all…

photo (36)

The front – there’s a bit of a mixture of books there. The rest of the place is organised into categories.

photo (35)

Here’s the explanation that greets you as you go in…

Go and have a look. You know you want to!

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