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A couple of days ago, we all went to the homeschool group’s Christmas Fair, where the kids (and parents) make things to sell. We went to the last one (the Winter Fair) and the boys enjoyed it, so we decided to plan a bit better for this one…
My Little Bean has spent a large part of this term writing a book. He’s very interested in finance, so he researched and wrote “Cash in Hand – Basics on Making Money for Kids”, which he sold for $3.00 each. Here he is in front of his stall –


He also sold cars and bits and pieces, and walked up and down from time to time with his basket of books or my basket of biscuits, selling from stall to stall. He was also hired by Biggest Boy (for 40c) to take his basket of Lego around for sale. 🙂
He sold some books (yay!) but has some left – if anyone wants one, just let me know!

Biggest Boy sold bags of Lego, hot wheels tracks, and set up containers of Lego minifigure parts so that the kids could pay their money, then take a piece from each container to build their own minifigure – very popular…
We found out last time that Lego is a popular toy, and he was selling the bits even before he finished setting up. Here’s his table –


They had a good day, and built on their knowledge of business principles from last time.


Waiting for more customers… 🙂

We didn’t have to take much home, although we bought a few things. And somehow we managed to win the top tier of a decorated wedding cake, by guessing the closest weight of the whole cake. It’s in the freezer now…

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