Another day, another walk…

photo (33)

My walk takes me through the cemetery down the road – it’s quiet and still, and a great place to concentrate on what’s true and important. You know the dark hours, when it all seems too hard? We all get them. My day today was bright and cheery – things completed and a good outlook on the next lot of assessments, sunshine and warmth on my skin, feeling better than I have in a while…
Life’s not always like that.
The cemetery keeps me seeing things in perspective. I’m going to be there (or someplace like it) one day. Sound a bit gloomy? It’s inevitable – we all get there! I believe that’s not the end for me (the most important bits of me, anyway), but at least part of me will be there. It helps me to remember what I need to focus on. It’s actually quite calming, in its way.

In other “news of the day”, we had a bit of a harvest.

photo (32)

The carrots were a bit weedy – planted too close together. The radishes grew well, and the spring onions were grown from the ends of store bought ones. We have quite a few of those.

Also, we’ve been getting visits from this little one…

photo (31)

I think it belongs to the neighbours at the back. It’s a bold little kitten, with blue eyes the colour of its collar. Likes scratches under the chin. 🙂
Just to finish – here’s one of the songs I was listening to as I walked.

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