Pie, Tie-Dye And Yorkshire Pudding

It’s been a productive couple of days, with a couple of projects being finished off.
Dinner tonight was a bacon, potato, onion and cheese pie, made by the boys…

photo (10)

…with a try at Yorkshire pudding to follow.

photo (18)

It didn’t quite work out – perhaps there wasn’t enough air for it to puff up. It came out like a baked pancake, but was still nice with honey and cream. 🙂

Today, Littlest Bean finished his wooden raft.

photo (14)

He was very pleased (it actually floats!) His last raft was made of scrap metal, cardboard and tape. That didn’t do too well in water… He’s done a good job this time with sawing and putting all the bits of wood together.

Today we finished tie-dyeing out t-shirts, which we began yesterday. We met up with a homeschool group to learn about how to tie-dye, and this is how it went.

photo (17)

I didn’t use gloves…

photo (15)

Our shirts, twisted and dyed.

photo (11)

Biggest Boy wanted his shirt to look like gunshot wounds… I think he may have missed the peace, love and hippy vibe of the project.

Little Bean and I did spiral rainbows.

photo (13)

photo (12)

Lots of fun, and something I wouldn’t mind trying again! 🙂

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