It’s The End Of The Week As We Know It

A while back I wrote about a game called “Exquisite Corpse”, where different people take it in turns to do a round robin of drawing or writing, on the same piece of paper, without seeing the work of the previous person.
They tend to be quite funny in the end…
Today, we did another writing piece – here it is! 😉

I was walking down the lane on a cold and windy morning. I was unhappy, for the sun did not shine down on me as I would have liked it to. Cupcakes are very sweet, so I think everyone should have a chance to try them. My thoughts turn towards partying and celebration – perhaps there should be fireworks?
At the very least, a great bouquet of sunflowers! After all they were his favourite food. Of course he could always eat a bunch of grass. It is obvious that he had a strange diet. He would drive to the shopping centre to get some milk for breakfast the next morning.
He ran into an old friend who was waiting for the New Year. There are some that consider that a party is not a party without a karaoke machine but I, myself, would prefer cake, coffee and lots of chocolate. With the possibility of a tiara for each guest, and lots of sparkles.
Bat-a-bing bat-a-boom – we had a party. Everyone was required to have a pompadour and bring a plate of food. I should have been more specific because I said to “bring a plate”. Unfortunately this meant that most people just brought a plate.
Suddenly the cake exploded. In a rush I decided to go and explore space. The question was, where do I start? I could explore Mars. I could explore Jupiter. I could explore the planet of the chickens or just stay on Earth and play video games, but I am more for adventure so why don’t I go to space or I could even dance the tango, or perform a slow, sedate pavane. Waltzing is optional, but everyone must employ their fans frequently in a complicated series of signals and responses.
Also, there should be lemonade. But that had probably been blown up too. It was a great mess I had gotten myself into but I was happy to have gotten out of it.
Well, I’m off to find some beer.

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