Exquisite Corpse

Well… that’s a title to catch the attention! 😉

“Exquisite Corpse” is the name of a game played by the Surrealists in the 1920s (although it has similarities to earlier parlour games). Each person in turn adds to something that has been written or drawn, but that they are not able to see – the previous person only provides enough clues on the visible paper for the next to continue.
Much hilarity ensues…
We’ve had a few goes at drawing the exquisite corpse, and it’s been fun. Today we tried writing. Still fun. It can be difficult to read it out loud after (giggling can get in the way). We played fairly fast, which is probably reflected in the story. Here’s our effort…
Try to figure out who wrote what! 🙂

Nobody knows what happened, on that dark, cold day in September. The wind was howling, the leaves were dropping, and Gerald trudged on, neither noticing nor caring what was happening in the street. Gerald did not know how things could get worse…
He had a sister who was so likeable that his friends deserted him to go and play with her. She played in the sun with a friend whose face was that of  a rose and she was a laser shooting dog-bot with a tail made of marshmallows and happiness who blasted him to the end of time and space. While there he saved the world from space alien lizard people who wanted to scuff the leaves with his shoes. He thought it might rain. It was always raining!
How could this happen? Why? One minute the plan was proceeding smoothly, the next it had fallen in a heap. Perhaps he wasn’t cut out to be a lion-tamer. Why care about the collapse of a childhood dream? Because it is so unbelievably dreadful and you should care very much if your childhood dream collapses around you, yes you must care about these things if they suddenly happen.
What do you think? “I think you have a very large bottom.”
He then proceeded to use his large bottom to expel gas and fly back to Earth. After crash landing in the middle of a park (with some curious stares) he decided to learn to deep sea dive instead. After all, it was the sense of adventure he was after. His mother had suggested teaching beading and jewellery making classes at the local college, as he was quite proficient in the art, but that didn’t quite seem to fill the void in his heart. He sighed, as something suddenly fell from the sky and landed on her head. She cried out in pain and sank to her knees and saw an apple and a pear.
She pondered for a while then she went for the chicken and ate it whole.
And the world was saved from aliens and chickens alike.

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