School, Sales And Serendipity

Another school term! It’s going well so far…
Saturday we went to the book sale at the local library. They happen fairly regularly, and we usually stock up on educational books. This one was no exception – about seventy books for $23 (and then they gave us $5 back – they didn’t want to overcharge…)
On our way home we passed an old bloke thumbing a lift on the main road out of town. We circled back to pick him up… he was on his way out to one of the outer suburbs here. That’s what he told us, and we said we’d be happy to drop him off where he needed to go. Had a chat on the way there – turned out he was ultimately trying to get to a little place outside Armidale, with a stop in Boonah to try and pick up some work to earn his bus fare further on. He’d lost his farm to the bank (the last dairy farm in the area), was left with just enough to put his wife on a bus the day before. He’d been travelling since around dawn… hadn’t had the money to eat that day. He was only sorry he didn’t have enough to give us for the lift.
Ever had one of those fortnights where you pay all the bills, and somehow, unexpectedly, have a bit left over? We’ve just had one of those fortnights… It was lovely to have the ability to help him with his bus fare, with a bit left over for food. He was still going to check out the day’s work – he’d made a promise, and he wanted to keep his word.
You never know what you’ll find in a day. We almost passed by… it would have been easy. We’ve had many people help us when we’ve been in need. I’m glad for any chance to pass that on.
I don’t know if or when he got to his destination. Probably never will.
Sad (and yes, angry) that someone who seems to be a good, hardworking bloke should be in that situation, especially at a time when he and his wife should be able to be looking at retirement. Prayed for them that night. And still glad we were there that day, at that time – just passing by…

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