Musing On The Mystery


Tomorrow is the start of Easter weekend.
I’ve not long finished a book (Sailing Between The Stars, by Steven James) One of the poems in it struck me as a good one to share today, a summary of the “why?” of Easter, of Jesus’ death and resurrection, of reconciliation with God… Happy Easter! 🙂

what a desperate time it was
in the days of the dragon’s curse
when the king’s refrain was as still as stone,
and all knew that soon, of course,
the land would ring with the wizard’s rhyme
and the venom of his verse.

what a terrible one he was
when i first met the son of the king.
with fire in his eyes and a bladed heart
and an ancient flute to bring
the tune of time to the throats of those
who had never learned to sing.

what a furious warring raged
when the prince went to battle the foe.
with velvet strength and a dagger of love
and his crimson blood to flow,
the day he died the moon stood still
and the shadows gnawed my soul.

what a terrifying sight to see
a prince once dead, now strong.
with glistening tears and outstretched wings
and a furious, glorious song.
a new day dawned and the wizard fell
and the dragon’s curse was gone.

(Photo by Arbyreed, used by permission)

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