Curious Things To Dream By…

A few weeks back, I received some perfume oils that I’d ordered from Etsy. It was a bit of a frivolous purchase, but I still had money left over from Christmas, and thought I would treat myself.
The vials are tiny (0.5ml), but you only need a little to go a long way! I searched my fandoms and found them at Marie DeMars’ Curious Things shop. Click on the name < to link through to the shop, and wear your own fandom out! 😉
I got a three vial sampler for Doctor Who and another for Sherlock…


Guess which is which!

perfume too

The scents –

Doctor Who
Petrichor – The scent of rain on dry earth – one of my favourite scents in nature. This one is not as strong as some of the others, but I’ve enjoyed it on a couple of occasions where the day is overcast and gloomy.
Amelia – “Dark space, warm earth and smoky apples”. I love this one – it really “fits” me, somehow.
Corsair – Amber, coffee, eastern spices and honey. I’ve only tried this once – very nice. I love spicy scents, and you can’t go wrong with added coffee!

Moriarty – Lavender, mint and Earl Grey tea. I love this one! It’s easily my favourite. The fragrance lingers, and makes me happy. I would use it every day, but then it would run out more quickly. I’ll have to get some more then 😉
Sherlock – Sweet tobacco, copal, amber, jasmine. Copal and amber are resins used in varnishes for violins. I was a bit disappointed with this, at first – I felt that the tobacco was too strong. I’ve worn it a few times since, though. The tobacco is a little strong at first application, but sweetens as I wear it. It probably won’t be a signature scent for me, but good for certain moods.
The Woman – A mixture of different things – “floral, earthy, spicy and seductive” – on me, lovely and sweet 🙂

I also received a complimentary (yay!!) Colony solid lotion bar (honeysuckle, blood orange, copaiba balsam). Not highly scented on me, but nice as a hand cream.

So, my frivolous little purchase, there. I’m glad I took a chance, though. I’ve been reminded this year of the place fragrance holds in my life – it might not be absolutely essential – but it’s important. It can uplift on a grey day, trigger sweet memories, help calm when needed. It’s worth experimenting with different types – floral, spicy, earthy… sometimes, I prefer the ones that are considered more “masculine”. I’m not necessarily the floral type 🙂 Give me a proper rose oil, though, and I’m happy!
I like all the perfumes I have here, but some more than others. That’s mostly because they react differently with my skin – a perfume that smells wonderful on you won’t necessarily be wonderful on me – we’re all different. I like that these are essential oils in a seed oil. Alcohol based and synthetic perfumes make me feel ill, so I don’t tend to walk down certain aisles in the supermarket now.

Check out the shop link above ^. Try a new perfume in your life!

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