So, the Christmas season is over, although we’re still lounging around, reading (and eating). Contemplating going out somewhere this arvo, which should be fun..
It was lovely to spend Christmas Day with all my boys.. a quiet, happy day. I love to watch them open their presents, especially when we’ve managed to sneak in something that they really wanted, but didn’t think they’d ever get!

So, here’s the thing –
I know that Christmas is not about presents.. I wrote about that last post..
The value of gifts, to me, is that I can see the love people have put into choosing something, and the understanding, to varying degrees, of who I am. Plus, I like gifts, too 😉

I got thoughtful things – foody stuff, miniature things, money for going out on my own for a day (or possibly staying overnight in Brisbane – anyone know anywhere cheap? 😀 ) We gave gifts, as well – I try to choose things that reflect the other person, with varying success, I suppose…

Here’s what we made for the family here –

photo (25)

photo (26)

Adipose babies, to have while watching the Doctor Who Christmas special…

photo (27)

photo (28)

…and “cups of coffee” as well.

Speaking of miniatures, here’s something my Mum got me, made by a friend who must have amazing eyesight (and talent!)..

photo (29)

photo (30)

Yes, that is a 5 cent piece. And the bears are jointed (movable arms and legs)!!

Just about to sort out a picnic lunch prior to our afternoon out..
Hope you found gifts of wonder and love this Christmas 😀

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