Finding The Thin Places

Today, we looked at prayer..
This was the clip used to illustrate it..

It’s funny to watch.. a bit sad too. I think I’ve heard each of these, and probably prayed most. Possibly not in the lotus position, though 😉
As the final bit shows, prayer is as simple (and as difficult) as being open and authentic with God. It’s something we can all do, but which requires us to look at who we really are.. which means we can often tend to shy away..

On a (slightly) related note, I’ve just downloaded an album of instrumental music (which can be found here) It’s rambling, folksy type stuff, and was specifically recorded to use while praying. I’m enjoying what I’ve heard so far.
The title “The Thin Place” is likely a reference to a phrase used in Celtic spirituality, referring to places where it was believed that heaven came close to earth, and there was only a thin curtain between the two. There are many of these places in the world – a large number in the British Isles, but the concept seems to be fairly global.
I’m not sure that there are physical places that are “closer to God” than others, in the same way that I don’t think you have to listen to “prayer music” to be able to pray. I have come across places that do seem to be full of God’s glory, but those have invariably been places with a history of constant and fervent prayer.. which suggests to me that we don’t need to go to a church or other spiritual place to find a thin place.. we just need to keep praying – whether that’s in a large church or a lounge chair 🙂

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  1. Lovely post. I think the truth is we carry the glory of God with us, and according to how ‘connected’ we are to Him makes us a ‘thin’ place as well. Love your insights!!

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