Random Kisses..

…made my day. 😀

You know when little kids are just at that age where they’re walking, but not yet confident? They either toddle each step, with a look of concentration on their face, as though one lapse will cause disaster… or they hurtle forward with arms held up, relying on momentum to keep them going. I love watching littlies navigate their way in the big world..
Today, I was sitting in the mall with friends, as I am wont to do on a Tuesday, when a Mum and her tiny boy wandered past. He was doing the “veering between two unspecified points” concentration thing, and came within our sphere… so we said hello. He waved, and babbled happily, then Mum decided that they needed to be moving on, and said to him to say goodbye… he looked at me uncertainly for a second, then began blowing kisses, before toddling off to new adventures.

And that’s one of the reasons I like sitting in the mall on Tuesdays. You never quite know what you’re gonna get (although I haven’t yet got a box of chocolates..)
Lots of great people. Serendipity.
…and sometimes even random kisses.. 😀

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