Ginger, Please!

So, I’m sick again. It’s been a few weeks now of spiralling round the health mountain – just when I think it’s all coming good, I catch something else. Today it’s sniffles/blocked nose (again) with a side order of sore throat. Yay, me.

As tempting as it was, I didn’t go for copious cups of milky coffee (the lazy choice..) I have herbs in the cupboard that are useful for colds/flu, so I made a teapot full to sip… you know what else is really nice in a tea? Just grab a biggish chunk (to taste..) of ginger and grate it into the teapot, then finish with a good splodge of Manuka honey.. good for the cold (and you!), and really tasty, too – I found it soothing as well. If you’re just making your tea with ginger and honey, you can chew the ginger bits left over as well, if you like 🙂

ginger tea

Here’s my teapot. I chose the cup because that’s how I felt today…

I know I’m getting a bit run down when I start dissolving into tears at nothing… I was watching Doctor Who today (The Christmas Invasion) and started snuffling because they were in ENGLAND, and I CAN”T GO THERE!! *sniffle* I’m off to watch a bit of Midsomer Murders now…

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  1. Hope you’re feeling better real soon!
    That mug is too cute … and your tea pot ~ adorable!

  2. ooooo…..Doctor Who! It is such a good show! Looking forward to more seasons on Netflix! Feel better soon, glad you can do the ginger not me.

  3. Thank you 🙂 Still sniffling and drinking ginger tea… but getting there!
    I often choose different mugs, based on how I’m feeling (we have a few with faces), and some are coffee-only, or tea-only… that’s my only usable teapot at the moment, though, thanks to small boys and hard floors…
    …and yes, Juel – when I’m not feeling my best, that’s the Doctor I need 😉

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