And So, Hello To August!

What to do for the first post of the blogalong?…
There are a few possibilties.. but I thought I’d start with a bit of joy. 😀
I first came across these videos a few years ago, and they’ve always made me smile. They’re done by a bloke called Matt Harding, who was traveling with a friend. One day they decided to get the friend to film him doing his “funny dance”. There have been a few more since. 😀
Read more of his story here

This one’s not the first (They started in 2003, with the most well known one in 2006), but it’s the first with him predominantly dancing with other people, in various countries. I have a bit of a soft spot for this – there’s a section filmed in Brisbane – New Farm Park, by the look of it. I’ve “danced” there!

One of the things we’re trying to teach our beautiful boys is to look at their place in, and responsibilities to, this big world we live in – to see how much more there is outside of the little they’ve so far seen. I love the breadth of travel in these, and seeing people of such different backgrounds enjoying each others’ company. Doesn’t matter if we speak the same language or have the same beliefs or traditions. We can all still dance! 🙂

Just as a little aside.. anyone remember “Sweet Lullaby”, by Deep Forest? It sampled a recording done in 1971, by a French ethnomusicologist traveling in the Solomon Islands. He recorded a young woman called Afunakwa, singing Rorogwela. Matt Harding used the Deep Forest version in his 2006 video, and later set out to find the origin of the sample. This shows what he found…

So – first blogalong day done and dusted! Yayy!


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  1. I love this …. so happy 🙂 I’d seen it years ago and forgotten all about it … thank you so much for bringing it back again 🙂 and the story behind the song is great too …. English is creeping in everywhere isn’t it?

    • Thank you – I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂
      Yes.. English is creeping in – hopefully the old languages can still keep living, though..

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