At The Next Beach And Up The Mountain..

One more visit to Dicky Beach on Friday morning..


..where littlest bean honed his stone skimming skills..


Then we were off to Kings Beach in Caloundra.

The boys had a swim for a bit, then were asked to get out of the water to allow a group of fishermen to bring in a school of mullet.


The net was attached to a truck at one end of the beach, and the other end was taken out by boat to attach to another truck.. they were drawn together and then pulled in by hand..


It was only a small school – the first of the season.
It was quite exciting to watch, but also confronting to see the fish trying to escape. We don’t eat fish much, but we do have some in the freezer.. I do think that if we are going to eat meat/fish, we should be willing to  look at how it gets to our plate..

The seagulls flocked, but were ultimately disappointed, even though they were thrown a few fish.


The fish were separated into male/female containers – the females would still have the roe inside, so could be sold for more.


A bit more swimming before we went up the mountain… a typical crowded Queensland beach in May 🙂

Little bean spent the next night in a tent out past Maleny with his friend and another four boys. It was freezing, and I’m not sure how much sleep was had.. there was some tension and “overwhelm” happening over the 24 hours of the party, but they had fun overall!
The adults at least got to sleep inside – still cold. It was a house full of Whovians – this was behind one of the chairs in the lounge.


I didn’t sit there.

It was a school project, made by the eldest daughter of the family… there was a lot of random art dotted throughout the house.

We sat out next to a small barbeque fire that evening, toasting marshmallows and chatting. You know when you meet people and it’s like you’ve just known each other for ages? It was like that… It was the first time we’ve met half the family, and we’ve only caught up with the other half a couple of times… we felt comfortable there, though.

They run a flower farm, native trees and flowers, by the look of it, grown by biological farming. It’s the off season, so there’s not much by way of crops at the moment.

This was our view over morning tea (with extra marshmallows)


Obviously, there’s much more to a farm than toasting marshmallows over a fire… I could get used to this as down time, though 🙂

The other fields..



… and the view from the back verandah.


We had a busy time, but fun..
We’ll be back! 😀

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