At The Beach

We spent the part of the weekend away.. left here Thursday morning, came back Saturday night (yesterday)
Littlest bean was invited to a birthday party sleepover just past Maleny, and we wanted to visit another friend in Maleny, as well as spending some time at the beach..

We went to have a look at Montville first.. it was a tad disappointing..


Still beautiful – gorgeous views.. the quirky little shops I remember from past years seem to be upmarket brand name shops now..

Still – gorgeous views.


Littlest bean was fascinated by the big water wheel. It’s not functional now, but we discussed what it would have been in its previous life..


The footpath is lower than the entrance to the shops, in most places, and they’re bordered by various flower gardens.


Littlest bean wanted to be in the shot..


There he is again! 😀




Great views… you could see right down to the coast, which is where we were headed after a stop in Maleny to see our friend. He makes (amazing!) sausages, and we got to watch the process from getting the sausage meat into the casing, to the final packaging. We had sausages down at the local park… we discovered that we’d forgotten to bring any barbeque utensils, so had to make do with a plastic fork to turn the sausages, and some water, tissues and the remains of the fork to clean the barbeque after – I think we did quite well!

We spent Thursday night at Dicky Beach, where the remains of the wreck  of the S.S.Dicky still lie on the beach. Our unit was about the size of a shoebox, but it was just a short stroll to the beach, and comfortable enough for a night. We got there before dark and went down the beach.


The S.S.Dicky.


An evening stroll/run…


The boys were trying to touch the pole in the water just in front of them, while still dodging the waves. They didn’t succeed… there were wet, sandy pant legs to be dried before morning..


There was a woman filming in and under the water.. I’m not sure why..


…and so to bed..

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