Happy High Herbs

Went with a friend to Happy High Herbs in West End today. I used to go to the one in Surfers Paradise whenever we went to the coast, and we’ve been to the one in Nimbin… there’s quite a few around..


It’s only a tiny little shop, but packed full of herbs..


Yes, they do sell “love potions” (or herbs/teas)


.. but I was more interested in the other teas..


The Herb Robert and the Pau ‘D arco bark are immune boosters, anti-viral and anti-biotic, and the Pau ‘D arco is also an anti-fungal.. the Brahmi is good for the brain and circulation, and aids memory, focus and mental clarity..
I had only planned to get those three (and was thrilled to find they were less expensive in store!), but there was a half-price basket, so I also got Yarrow (for colds, flu and wound healing) and Wild Yam , for the liver, endocrine and female systems… A good day’s hunting 😀

For more information, go to their home page and scroll down to the bottom – have a look at the links..
Herbs are very useful, but remember, if you use them, to make sure you know the proper dosages and preparation, and any contraindications, especially if you have particular medical conditions, or are pregnant..  anything with the capacity to heal can also have the capacity to cause side effects.. be informed! 😀

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