Reflections On A Future Past

Our local Gallery has a Steampunk exhibition on at the moment. I’m not sure how much longer it’s on for, so thought I’d check it out while I can.

I like what I’ve seen of steampunk… I’d happily wear most of what I’ve seen (especially the boots. The boots are cool.) I’ve done steampunk themed ATCs before, but I’m still not sure what to do with it. It can be called “the greatest era that never was”, and encompasses modern technology, but set in the Victorian era. I like the way it looks.. except when I try it. Then it just looks.. weird..

Just have to keep on trying..

Here’s some other people’s interpretations..

butterfly steampunk


Butterflies and birdcages!

inline skate

The first inline skate?


…something with dials..


A sort of ray gun..

i-pod case

I-pod case.


…and phone.




A skeleton steamship.



time machine and tea bag jiggler

A time machine and a teabag jiggler..

winged heart

A winged heart (called newromancer)


… and a winged helmet.

I’m planning to go to a masked tea party in May, and I’d like to do something like this… we shall see 😀

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