So, we are now in a permanent home! 😀 All my Facebook friends know the story, and we have called others to let them know, but just in case you missed it, here’s the story!

Part 1 –
Signed up for NRAS (National Rental Affordability Scheme – an Australian Government scheme) about two- two and a half weeks ago, after looking at a property, applied on the morning after, heard back less than a week later that we got it, scrambled about for rental bond/grant/paperwork etc, moved in last Friday (9th) (with final boxes etc Monday)!
It’s a 3 bedroom brand new semi-detached house in a new complex, back in the suburb we moved from in February…(from our bedroom window we can see the back yard of the house that’s directly opposite our previous house) We have air conditioners in every room, a dishwasher!, rainwater tanks, everything energy efficient… I don’t think we’ve come down to earth yet! (We have had to “evict” five jumpy huntsman spiders of varying sizes since Friday…) Still unpacking boxes so haven’t stopped long enough to celebrate properly (although we went to Sizzlers – the boys were ecstatic. And full)…  
Here’s some photos – we’ve put in more furniture since then – and books! – lots of books 😀

The lounge

Dining area (now minus the futon 😀 )

My beautiful kitchen!

The stairs leading upstairs… and guest loo to the left. There are three toilets in the house – Practical Me had a bit of an inner grumble about three times the cleaning… Fairy Princess Me danced around Ms Practical, scattering glitter in her path..

Boys’ bathroom

Our bedroom…

….and ensuite (isn’t everything beautiful and white?)

Part 2 –
We were looking at a hefty debt for the mortgage of the last house – it sold a while back for about $185000, where the mortgage was about $285000+ …we’ve just been waiting for the final figures from the bank. We got the letter last Friday… seems, somehow, that on October 31, just over $96000 was repaid (how and by whom, we don’t know), leaving us with a debt of just under $5500… went to the bank Monday to check that it wasn’t all a computer glitch, they called up the home loans department… the bank’s wiped out the remaining debt – we are free and clear, with no black mark on our credit rating! I didn’t mention it on my Facebook status (because it was pretty obvious to me…) but God has been so amazing in all this, and we have been praising Him for everything! We would never have even thought to ask for all He’s given us just in the last week (furnishings and whitegoods that we needed at reduced prices, good things happening at the speed of light… 😀 ) but we have been abundantly and thoroughly blessed!

A large and unpayable debt, completely wiped out by someone else…. where have I heard that before? 😀

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