Sherwood Cliffs

We’re back after a busy weekend checking out a Christian Community in New South Wales… we went to have a look at how things are run, and get an idea of issues that might need to be looked at when we eventually set up our community… it was very interesting, and we met a lot of lovely people..
We turned up on a weekend where the local Timber Festival was happening, so it wasn’t the average schedule… I found out how to make fence posts, though.. There was a barbeque on the Saturday night, where anyone and everyone can drop in, and church (in Coffs Harbour – an hour away) and picnic on the beach on the Sunday. It’s interesting to see the balance between community togetherness and the need for quiet, personal time..

Our original plan was to go for the weekend, with the view to go back this weekend for about four weeks… that’s not  going to work out at the moment, but we’re looking at Christmas/New Year.

Morning visitors..
Hi, joey!

This was the view from our doorway.. each dwelling is different – the place has a bit of a “cobbled together” look 😀

The dining/food prep etc area… those are railway carriages connected together, roofed and with the middle section built in, with tables etc..

The dinner bell, which can be heard wherever you are in the community.. the chair is so that the children can ring it (Littlest Bean had a go!)

The fire pit, where everyone gathers for the Saturday evening barbeque..

The view of the cliffs from the car on our way home.

It was a good weekend.
We’ll be back…


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