It feels like there are a lot of doors in our life at the moment…
Most seem to be closed (although they might not actually be….). Some are there, just out of sight, waiting for their time…

I like doors. They’re a sort of little mystery – what’s behind them? Where do they lead? What are their stories?
I was going to find some images of doors online, and then realised that I could use photos I’ve already taken..

Some doors are old… they’ve been there for years, welcoming people into peace and comfort. They’re a little weathered, but still solid.
Sometimes a door worked well years ago, but it’s changed over the years… you can look back to see how it used to be, but you can’t use it anymore..

There are doors that promise new adventures, new experiences… some deliver on the promises, some are disappointing..

Others start from a different direction, but lead to the same place… they’re just quieter and you can sit and ponder on your journey first..

Often a door looks too big – too imposing. It seems as if it would take too long to get to it. It’s worth opening it, just to see what’s on the other side..

A door might open up, but seem to lead to rain and darkness..

… you can’t yet see the one on the other side, or the sunshine that’s waiting..

An open door is exciting – walk through and see what’s waiting there!

The best doors are the ones that welcome you in… and you know you belong there.

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    • Thank you! 😀 Will take a look…

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