Mud And Oranges

Spent the morning with some friends yesterday, at Robelle Domain in Springfield… there’s a cafe there, too, which seems to be open late… might have to check that out..

It’s a lovely place. The playground is pretty impressive, and the kids all loved the water feature… after we’d explored the waterfall and the trails we went back to the play area, where they stripped off their shirts and proceeded to get drenched… Good thing kids don’t seem to feel the cold..

Here’s the  kids… I took a few photos, but I couldn’t get one with everyone smiling..

There was a grassed area further on; a sort of hill/tiered seating arrangement.. perfect for running up (and maybe rolling down?)

We stopped a bit further on for a snack of homegrown oranges, chopped up and eaten straight from the skin… there were water bubblers nearby to wash off the juice.. then it was back to exploring..

One of the highlights of the day (besides the water play) was the mostly dry stream running alongside the trails. The kids scrambled and climbed along the rocks, testing their “parkour” abilities 😀

If you look closely, you may see small people…
There they are! 😀

 More climbing…..

Littlest bean wore his nice boots, so I was not overly impressed when he slipped into the muddy stream and got soaked up to his knees… he didn’t seem too worried..

My camera battery ran down, so I didn’t get any photos of the water feature… they played there the last half hour or so, while the adults had coffee… it was a fun morning.
We will be back!

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