The Post That Wasn’t

So… I went to bed around 7ish last night, and didn’t wake up till 7ish this morning…
… and I was still trying not to fall asleep during the day!
This is, of course, ridiculous..

instead of the post I was going to make (about a book I’ve just read called “The Hippie Handbook”), I’ll just post some nice, restful, mini-holiday scenes from Five Minute Getaway

vacation travel photos - New Castle, Northern Ireland

vacation travel photos - Sena, Chile

vacation travel photos - Red Forest Path, Italy

vacation travel photos - Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

vacation travel photos - Glen Coe, Scotland

vacation travel photos - Sacha Lodge, Ecuador

vacation travel photos - Ancient Arch, Margam, Wales

vacation travel photos - Cold Autumn Morning in Helsinki, Finland

vacation travel photos - Texas Bluebonnet Season

Good night..

Sweet dreams!

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  1. Hey beautiful. Some of those photos look like Canberra in Autumn! Love you angel, I hope you’re okay.

    • Hey! ❤ to you too!
      … I think at least one of the photos is Canada… none in Australia..
      I'm ok… just very tired 😀 Hope your day has been beautiful!

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