His Child

As well as the song in the previous post 😀 I’ve also been playing “Father and Daughter” by Paul Simon a lot lately….
I didn’t include a Youtube clip, because I thought it would be a distraction….
This is from a movie called The Wild Thornberrys, which I have seen, but can’t remember much about it….

I heard this song a while ago but as I was listening one day, I felt that God was singing it to me…. I heard such love, like a doting Daddy, and felt warmth and safety, and an unquestioning trust. I have heard it that way ever since.

I know that, line by line, some could take issue that I’m being flippant… perhaps I’m not being completely theologically sound…
I only know that God let me know He loved me 😀

My Dad was one of the good guys. He had a temper… and my memory is that he worked long hours… but he was trustworthy, a salt-of-the-earth type of bloke. When I hear of God as Father, it’s not a huge stretch for me to comprehend it…
… but I know there are many who didn’t have good fathers. Many who, when they hear of Father God, think of a cold, heartless, abusive, destructive being…. and they close up in fear..
I so wish that I could get across that image of God as loving Daddy… as a safe haven, a warm embrace. As One Who is delighted to watch His children grow. That’s the Daddy I know. I wish that everyone could find Him.

Yes, this is just a song. Maybe I’m the only one getting this image from it…
But I pray that you can listen, and catch a glimpse of the loving Father, waiting for you to come to Him…

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