Henna Hand

Went to the Global Fiesta at Queens Park on Sunday afternoon… had fun.. ate a chocolate covered icecream, courtesy of a friend 😀 , practised some signing (I now know the Auslan for “boring”! 😀 )

I also got a henna tatto on my hand! I’ve been wanting to do this for ages….

This is how it looked when I got home – the henna paste was still on, but some bits were falling off. The glitter was just an extra touch after the paste had been applied…it didn’t last long. You have to leave the paste on at least half an hour to 45 minutes (this had been on longer) , and you can’t smudge it. It’s surprisingly hard to keep your hand away from smudging dangers (especially while eating a dripping icecream….) I ended up spending the afternoon with my hand half raised, looking like I was about to start declaiming in a Roman debate…
After the time is up, the next step is to peel off the paste, then massage in an oil (mixed vegetable oil was all we had) It starts off quite pale, but darkens over the next 24 hours… this is what it looked like the next day..

Disregard the wrinkles…. and it’s quite hard to get a decent photo of your own hand…
I like it. It’s sort of like a “real” tattoo, but without the commitment… I still catch it out of the corner of my eye, and smile 😀

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