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Today, I came up with an idea for the boys… simple but, hopefully, ultimately useful.. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before 😀
Many years ago, when I first left for England, I had a tiny little diary. I didn’t actually use it as a diary (I had another book for that) so I started to note down all those little things that I found as I read, that I wanted to keep for later. Eighteen years later it’s nearly full, so I’ll be looking for another tiny book soon..
In there, I can find all sorts of recipes, for food as well as herbal remedies. I have various exercise programmes (most of which are still, sadly, unused..) I have information about the best places to visit when I am in London (or Cambridge, or Oxford..) as well as interesting websites and a poem/quote or two…

Today I thought I would get the boys to start their own book -something they can keep for years, and rediscover wonder whenever they want to. I told them to put in anything that makes them go “Wow!” We’re calling them “Curiosity Books”. We will intentionally seek out topics and places that we don’t usually look at…
School will only last for a time. Curiosity will be with them forever.

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Source: via Cheryl on Pinterest

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  1. Oh, what a super idea! I think my boys would like the idea of curiosity books too. Great quotes too.

  2. Thank you! (and welcome to my blog! 🙂 I found the quotes on pinterest… I’d not heard them before..
    I had a look at your blog – interesting 🙂 – love the artwork!

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