Moogerah Passion Play

Yesterday we went to Lake Moogerah to see the Passion play. It’s on every year, but we haven’t been for a bit. This year, we went because friends are involved, and we wanted to see the play again. It started at 5pm, and was a lovely sunny day…

We got what we thought was a good spot, but later found we couldn’t see the tomb, and the resurrection… consequently I have no photos for that (it was dark as well, so that didn’t help with my camera focusing..)
There were as many as 2000 people there… a mass of humanity, mostly quiet, but occasionally there was talking through the dialogue, people moving about, children crying. The microphones didn’t work properly at times, and it was difficult to see some scenes. We started off feeling a bit irritated, but after a while, I thought of Jesus… sitting on a hill , with people chattering, moving about, generally being human.
One of the things I enjoy about the Passion play is the sense that I get of the nameless people from the gospel stories – the children who raced to tell their friends…. the women kneading bread… the people flocking after Jesus. You can hear the pain in the voice of the woman with the issue of blood… the despair of the woman caught in adultery. Both times I have been, Judas has been given a more sympathetic hearing, which was interesting…. there but for the grace of God?
Over all, I get a sense of the love Jesus had (and has) for his frail, clueless, greatly human disciples, who are so like us… and the love and loyalty they had for Him.

Throughout the play, there are peripheral characters, living life on the sidelines, either waiting for their scene, or just “there”

This little boy was fishing for a period of time, while events swirled around him.

We saw the calling of the disciples, the people’s realisation that a prophet was among them… When Jesus taught His disciples, he was also teaching us.

When He fed the 5000, He was also feeding us (the cast circulated through the crowd, giving out bread)
We were there, with them. We heard the people calling out, when Jesus entered the city… and the same people calling “Crucify Him!” just a short time later. Heard the false accusations before the Sanhedrin.
Heard the hammer strike the wood… and Mary weeping at the foot of the Cross..

It is finished.

And, finally… we saw the tomb opened, and the light pour out… and Mary Magdalene running to take the good news to the mourning…

He’s Alive!

Passion plays have a long history, with varying degrees of reverence and accuracy over the years. I enjoyed the chance to be part of this one, even just as a spectator…. to “experience”, as well as hear the Gospel. I’m glad we have that opportunity and freedom..

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