Where IS The Doctor?

I love books like “I Spy” and “Spot What”, where you have to find hidden images… some more obscure than others. I can spend ages poring over the larger scenes in the books, trying to find just the right image to fit the riddle/rhyme.
I also love Dr Who – I watched when I was younger (even if it was while hiding behind the sofa, at times), and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the latest incarnations (Doctors Nine to Eleven)

Look what I found yesterday at the library!!!!


Find the Doctor!
Find Amy!
Find Rory!
Find the Tardis!

Look at this!

It’s an Adipose nursery ship!
…I think the Adipose babies were the cutest “adversaries” the Doctor ever encountered…

Those babies should not be watching Torchwood.



They say you should keep your brain active as you get older… I see these books as my way of doing that..

Yes.   *nods*
I’m exercising my brain!!


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