The Grumpies Go Adventuring…

There was nothing to do
There was not much to say
The Grumpies were grumping
On this dark, wet, wet day.

Then Grumpy Mum leapt
To the doorway, and through
“Let us go to the shops-
Get up, Grump One and Two!”

So they trailed through the drizzle
To the Centre nearby
And with nary a grizzle
Came upon – Market Day!

There were sights, sounds and prizes
At the suburban Fair
Blessings of all sizes
For the Grumpies to share…

First they lined up for burgers
Free at Mos-burgers’ beginning
With buns made of rice,
Tender beef – they were winning!

Old friends were sighted
Waved “Hello, How’d-ye-do!”
As littlest Grump
Enjoyed the petting zoo.

And last but not least
There was a free raffle
The Grumps got their tickets
To see what they could snaffle.

On the last of the spins
Big Grump won a treasure –
The pink, nesting boxes didn’t thrill him,
But the chocolate gave him pleasure!

And so, they walked home,
Tumbled through their front door..
Still a wet, dreary day,
But Grumpy no more!
The End


At the end of that tale,
I respect Dr Seuss
Sometimes, to find rhymes
You must use words abstruse!

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