… on death.

Not to get too maudlin or anything…

I was reading a magazine (a health/exercise one, strangely enough) and came across an article about “green” burials. I occasionally think about (my) death, and the ramifications of it… I don’t fear death itself (I know where I’m going 😀 ) but I’m not looking forward to the actual process of dying. I figure there’s not much I can do about that, though, so I just have to stop stressing and leave that bit up to God…

I’ve never really wanted an elaborate funeral, so the green type of funerals appeal to me. My Mum is going to have a cardboard coffin (white) which we will apparently be able to decorate in any way we choose, when the time comes. I’d be happy to be buried under the nearest tree, but I suppose there’d be all sorts of health and safety issues. And the neighbours might complain…
I think, though, that I’ll be past caring what happens to the shell by the time my spirit has left it.

I’ll probably go for the cardboard coffin when it comes down to it… but here are the options in the magazine –

1- Resomation – Scotland. Alkaline hydrolysis, where the body is liquified in a special pressurised chamber, then used as fertiliser.

2- Promessa Organic – Sweden. Body is frozen in liquid nitrogen, then vibrated to break down into powder, then purified and buried. Can be used as compost within a year.

3- Eternal Reefs – U.S.A. This one I disliked at first glance, but now I can see the attraction in it.. The body is encased in a ball of concrete, then lowered into a coral reef to support the existing reef structure. It will encourage the growth of more coral and microorganisms.


Having said all that, I’d like to say that I’m not planning on having to use any of these methods in the near future..
Do you know of any other possibilities out there?

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