The sunburn has receded, and the photos were transferred to the computer without complaint, so here is the post that should have been yesterday’s….

We started off fairly early, so we could get on the beach before the worst of the sun… it was a good trip down. We felt like we had a bit of an escort part of the way…

We got to the beach, and met up with friends… the kids had a great time, even though the surf was a little bit variable… the beach was quite crowded on Saturday… this is the beach later on, at Surfers..

After lunch we walked along the esplanade to check out the sand sculptures. This was first place – called Calico Jack.
Not my favourite, but intricate. I’m not sure what the story is behind it.. the theme was “Pirates in Paradise”, so each entry had to depict that theme in one way or another.

I can’t remember what this one was called, and I only took one photo… it wasn’t till later that I realised that there were two maps carved on the right hand side (Africa and South America). I gather the cogs represent big corporations/technology, and how that impacts on the developing world – are we the pirates?

This is called “Quicksand”… music piracy affects us all..

I have no idea what this is called, or what it’s about. It’s just “Wildcard Entry”…

A couple of the sculptures had flat panels on the back, with intaglio images (where the image is cut into the background) I enjoyed these… I’m more of an intaglio person than a bas-relief person. This is a treasure map..

This one was probably my favourite. It’s on the back of one called “Captain Morgan at the Edge of the World”.

Crisp and clear…

Each entrant had 8 tonnes of sand to work with. They could only use sand and water, but the sand was brickies’ sand, which is different to the average beach sand. Each grain is more square and sticks together like building blocks, whereas the sand on the beach has rounder grains… that would explain why our sandcastles never look this good 😀
The sand is compacted into wooden forms, and entrants climb to the top and carve downwards, removing the wooden form in layers as they go.

There was also a large collaborative piece using 40 tonnes of sand. That was still being worked on while we were there.. it was more “Pirates of the Caribbean”  than the others. Here’s some views of it..

There was a tent for the kids, where they could make their own creations. The sand appeared to be the brickies’ sand, so it stuck together well. They spent quite a while there…

All in all, it was a good day, despite the sun.. By the time we left, it was a bit quieter.. the way we like the coast 😀


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