Gnome Warfare

Today I am having a bit of a wander around town… sort of a Christmas/birthday/Valentine’s treat. I’m at the library at the moment, where there’s a sausage sizzle/concerty thing in process for the launch of the Year of Reading. I’ll chill out in the metropolis of Ipswich soon… right now, I’ve been choosing books. I’ve got some great books on crafts/inspiration, and a massive coffee table sized book about women travellers (1850-1950)-subtitled “A Century of Trailblazing Adventures”.

… and I will also be reading “How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack” (first sentence -“Keep reading if you want to live”). Who knew it was such a pressing problem in suburbia? No wonder the tools in the toolbox always seem to have been disturbed… and is my knife drawer strangely depleted? Topics include “Passive Fortification” – how to build a moat, or how to make quicksand, and “Your Arsenal”. Flamethrowers and landmines are not recommended….

Please make sure you keep yourselves informed of this growing threat. I won’t be able to enjoy my day out if I’m worried about you all 😦

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  1. hahahahahah, you make me laugh,

    btw like how you’ve decorated the new place, homy, looks great.

  2. Thank you 😀
    (Watch out for those gnomes round your place – plenty of places for them to hide!!)

  3. […] the terrain for rogue gnomes (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s my previous post…) For more detailed information, go to this […]

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