The Shed

So, we’re settling in here, learning the ropes, chilling out….

To be honest, I’m enjoying the simpler life at the moment. I’ve never been that much of a “happy camper”, but it seems like we’ve got the best of both worlds at the moment. It’s still a bit strange not having running water/bathroom/toilet right there in the building with us, but they’re just a quick walk away in the house… just takes a bit of planning 😀

Here’s the shed –
We even have a verandah! There’s been a few storms since we moved in, and the front stays pretty much dry… we have a camping stove outside for gourmet cooking 😀 and loads of potted plants (purloined from my garden at the house) There was a bit of a problem with flies and mosquitoes when we came, so I have a pot of basil each side of the door (supposed to repel flies; also good with the bolognese we had tonight) and a big pot of citronella on one side (for mozzies- smells lovely, too) I’m not sure whether they’re working… I think the citronella is more likely to be doing what it’s supposed to…

Our view… quite nice 😀 The curtains are from the old house – I always liked them… It’s almost like we’re in a little holiday home..

This was taken from one end of the inside space. We’ve partitioned off an area for the boys – littlest bean’s bed is a folding one, so there’s just enough space for it at night, and it folds back against the wall in the day. Biggest boy has a desk underneath his bunk, where he has his computer and does his schoolwork. He’s hung blankets around part of the area, so we often don’t see him all morning…
The bookcase beside the rocking chair holds all manner of things… we’re pleased with the way we’ve found a place for everything… it’s just a case of consistently putting things back where they belong… hubby did the mowing/weeding today, and brought me in a small flower he’d found… I didn’t have a vase for it, but there was space to twine it into the spine of a plastic display book, where I can see it as I type..

Here’s the room from the other direction –
The kitchen is at the far side, and all the crockery/linen is in the dresser at the left. The futon is our bed – it gets folded up each day (we “unmake” our bed every morning…) There’s a washing basket on the other side of the futon – the sheets/pillows are put there in the morning, the cushions at night. It normally lives on top of the plastic containers over on the right, which are our movable pantry. The desk holds cutlery, coffee making facilities (necessary for sanity) and the big water container, and littlest bean uses the desk for his schoolwork. As you can see, there’s also a space for all the guitars!
I’ve been enjoying homeschooling here. There’s a certain amount of housekeeping to do, but not much. There’s no other rooms to escape to 😀 so I generally read while the boys work and mark what they’ve done as they finish (not something I’ve consistently done before) I’m always on hand to help… it’s easier to read our book together in the evenings as well (We’re on the last book of Lord of the Rings) It feels like we’re in a season of grace at the moment.. I’ve no idea what tomorrow or next week will bring, and whether our days will move faster. Right now, I am content.

A final photo, taken just after we moved in – little boys making themselves at home!


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