The Last Time….

Today we went to the bank to hand in the keys to the house. We were there longer than we thought we would be – no-one at that branch had done that sort of thing before, so there was a lot of to-and-froing and phone calls. We were doing OK, but the girl who did the paperwork looked like she was going to burst into tears at any second… it was all a bit surreal…

We were meant to hand in the keys yesterday, but there was still a bit of cleaning to do (it’s amazing what you find under a fridge that’s been there a few years!) So, yesterday was The Last Time we will be in that house. I’ve been trying to analyze how I feel about it all… I’m not sure…
When we first bought the house, I thought we’d be there forever. I thought the boys would grow up and leave, but the grandkids would come to stay from time to time… there’s a sort of mourning that goes with those dreams being impossible. On the other hand, I think God has been working on my heart to separate me from holding on to transient things (often while I’ve not been looking!) I still have a long way to go… but I am content with where we are, and I feel excited about what the future holds….
Having said that, I do tend to become attached to places I have lived… I took lots of photos yesterday, just to keep as memories. I was channeling ABBA while walking through the empty house (sing with me – “In these old familiar roo-ooms… children would play-ay…. now there’s only emp-ti-ne-ess…” 😀 yeah, different scenario, I know…) I will walk forward, looking ahead… but for now, today, here is my tribute to our home..

I like to think everyone was welcome in our home. I’ve left the sign up for the next person who moves in…

The lounge room, looking into the dining room/kitchen… a beautiful, large, airy space… it looks a lot bigger with nothing in it..

Our bedroom… a nice space, cosy… the built in wardrobe had mirror doors, which made everything look bigger.

The backyard, minus the massive trampoline…

Under the house – the far right corner was supposed to be my creative area (lovely light from the windows) and the space to the left of it was to be the schoolroom, but we were never able to get it built in… I hope whoever gets it next can  fix up all the little bits and pieces we couldn’t do…

One of the sadnesses is leaving behind the plants we have grown, and trees we loved (my jacarandas! 😦 ) I’ve tried to pot a variety of things… time will tell if they survive.

I didn’t have a proper strawberry planter, so here’s the homemade improvisation 😀

We were able to harvest some vegies…

chillies, cherry tomatoes, spring onions and sweet potatoes. The potatoes weren’t ready for harvest… 😦

So that’s it… another chapter closing in our lives.

Goodbye house. And thank you. You sheltered us well.

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  1. You are so brave, darling girl. It’s hard to let go, but I guess we have to in order to start the next chapter. Hugs to you and your 3 boys. xoxo

    • ❤ 😀 I don't feel brave… tired maybe lol.
      I do feel at peace…

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