Salvation Mountain

In the mid-80s, in the desert near Niland, California, a man called Leonard Knight decided to build a huge monument to proclaim that “God is Love”. 25 years later, this is what it looks like…

Salvation Mountain

Between 1921 and 1954, near Los Angeles, an Italian immigrant called Simon Rodia decided to build some towers. This is what he came up with….

The Watts Towers

What I love about these types of stories is that they are of people who had big visions (even if they didn’t know where they were going at first) and they went ahead and did them… I’m sure there were moments of self doubt in there, the voices that questioned and mocked, but they did it anyway! Perhaps I need to remember their stories, when I feel stuck in mine….



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  1. Really love this post – Thanks for sharing it! I think they’re stories we can all definitely benefit from remembering at times. So I guess I’m led to ask, what is your vision? …but more importantly what would stop you from also, “doing it anyway”? 🙂

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