In The Garden

We got back to the Ipswich Kitchen Garden at Leichardt yesterday, after a few weeks off. There were new friends to meet, and new plants to greet… both here, and in our garden, it seems to be a time of growing, but also a time to dig out old, tired plants. Some have left behind seeds to plant again, some will become compost. It all feeds into the cycle of growth.

The zucchini at the front was planted (as seedlings) a few weeks ago. The cabbage is growing, although the moths are enjoying it, too… The spinach in the corner was past its best, and was dug out yesterday to make way for new plants.

Some I brought from home. I’m hoping my transplant “skills” are enough to let them survive! 😀



Chocolate Mint

Some had appeared before we got there….


Some plants have been there for a while, and are flourishing…


Arrowroot (and tall tomatoes…)


A shade sail went up, to prepare for the hotter days of summer…

… and a good time was had by all!

…even the littlest ones!

Hi, Mum! 😀


The plastic bags were full of the tops of the old lettuces, gone to seed. We’ll plant those in our gardens for another crop..

I have been having some difficult days lately, but being out in a garden, in the fresh air, helps quite a bit. It also helps me tire out enough to sleep 😀 Having good nutrition is useful, as is seeing the variety and beauty of Creation – from juicy, sweet snow peas, to beautiful, delicate sweet peas….


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