Turkish Coffee

Yesterday I fancied some coffee, but as I don’t have a plunger or percolator, I decided to try a recipe I’ve had for ages but have never used…

Turkish Coffee (Kahve)

Put 2 teaspoons of very finely ground coffee in a small pot with as much sugar as you wish. Add half a cup of boiling water, bring pot to the boil. Immediately remove pot from the heat, allow to cool a little. Bring to the boil again, again remove from the heat. For very strong coffee repeat again. Pour into a small cup, allow grains to settle before drinking.
Can be served with cream, or a cardamom pod can be added to the cup.

Since I only briefly skimmed the above recipe before I tried it, I sort of changed it a little… I’ve only just realised by typing this now that I was supposed to boil the water first, before pouring it into the pot….
Here’s my ingredients –

(Sorry about the blurriness… ) I didn’t have any cardamom, which I knew had to go in there somewhere, so I used cinnamon. I also had some stray rosehips lying about, so I thought they would be nice… also sugar – couldn’t forget the sugar! (On a side note – if you are boiling up coffee with sugar included, in a house with an ant problem, don’t leave it lying about for too long before drinking it. Trust me.)  I may possibly have used more coffee than the suggested amount, as well…

Next was the boil/take off heat thing… When they say three times boil etc makes a strong coffee, they mean it..

Add milk. In a big cup. Finally, sit back and enjoy a fine cup of coffee! This is today’s cup – I liked it so much, I did it again today 😀 That and the fact that I’m using the grounds around my plants to keep the snails off. I am undecided as to the efficacy of this strategy… but I am happy to drink coffee until the matter is resolved.

I was pleased to finally be able to use this recipe – I’ve had it around for years and thought it would be nice… I would still like to try it with cardamom…
… although the astute reader will probably have noticed that I didn’t really make Turkish Coffee, as much as Coffee Boiled In A Pot With Extra Bits And Pieces…. 😀

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