Night Out

Went with my little bean to his kids’ group (it was Mum’s night). We played games, and made different things. He painted me a garden stake in the shape of a heart (because I love hearts), and a cute little dragonfly magnet, made from paddle pop sticks and sequins 😀

We also made some little sweet things, which were very, very cute 😀 I thought I’d share them with you, in case you have any kid’s birthday parties coming up…. (I would have taken photos if they’d lasted longer than supper…)

Teacup Biscuits

Need – 1 round biscuit (we had hundreds and thousands biscuits)
1 marshmallow
1 chocolate freckle
Half a lifesaver
small quantity of icing, to use as paste.

First, place the biscuit pretty side up. Use the icing to stick the marshmallow to the biscuit, then icing again to stick the chocolate freckle to the top of the marshmallow. Stick the half lifesaver to the side of the marshmallow, and – voila! – a cute little teacup! Repeat as necessary until everyone has a cuppa 😀

Teddy Cars

Need – 1 snack size Snickers or Mars Bar
1 Tiny Teddy biscuit
4 M&Ms
Chocolate icing as paste

Take the Snickers or Mars Bar, and cut a little slit across the top of the bar, and a little towards one end. Push the Tiny Teddy biscuit into the slit, so it looks like it’s driving a car. Use the icing to stick the M&Ms to the sides of the bar, to represent wheels.
These are so cute! We’ve decided to do them for littlest bean’s birthday party later on in the year 😀

Eat and be merry!

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