Ecclesiastical Ramblings…

as in – we walked around and through a couple of churches today… 😀

Started this morning at the cathedral… it wasn’t open, so we looked at the outside, discussed the crosses, and the windows…

Here’s the outside….

Well…. THAT”S a big door!

Each of the (two) spires has a celtic cross – brass (I think..) and 3 metres high. The boys were surprised that they were so big – I explained that they had to be, for us to see them, and for them to be in proportion to the rest of the building…

Front window, with cross over the door (littlest boy excited over that….)

Littlest boy thought these windows looked like garages….

…. I thought these looked like louvres..

We walked further into town. It’s festival time here, and each year, different schools are given giant masks to decorate according to a theme – this year was “The Future of Education”. They are displayed on the wall outside St Paul’s church in the centre of town, which was our next stop.

Pretty masks all in a row….

The boys’ favourite.

Littlest bean quite liked this one as well..

From there we went into the church. We talked about the baptismal (christening?) font, the altars and chapels along the sides and corners, the stained glass windows, and whatever else caught their eye. We don’t have a lot of these things in our church building, so it was interesting to talk about what things were, and what they were used for. There is an altar to the front of the church, and to the left… it’s large, dark and box-like. The boys thought there must be someone buried there…
They were very quiet the whole time we were there (very impressive 😀 ) We finished by using the kneelers and praying together.

The altar to the right as you first come in the door.

Looking towards the front of the church.

I did take more pictures, but they were too dark to use. The boys particularly like the eagle lectern with the wires and microphones sticking out of its head….

Off to the library after that, then on home, for some well-earned lunch 😀

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