The Secret to Homeschooling….

….not that I have THE secret 😀 I just pick up some things relating to my sweet beans, and how they relate to the world….

Yesterday we went back to “school” after the Easter break. We started off fairly quietly, just easing into the week….
Now, with my biggest boy, since he’s previously had a few years in the school system, I know not to label too many things as “school work”. He seems to automatically equate that with “boring”. He still needs to do the work, but I try to emphasise the work/learning part of it rather than the school part of it…. that’s not to say that he can get away with not doing things to the best of his ability if they happen to be tagged as “school” – learning to do the boring things with grace and diligence is an important life skill….

Anyway…. the secret… 😀 I suppose it’s to know when to separate the “school” from the “work”, and show them that learning new things is a joy… here’s the story that got me thinking about it…

My littlest boy finished his maths workbook before the holidays. We couldn’t manage to get the “proper” workbook for him, but I picked up a cheap maths book for a couple of dollars at a book sale. It looks slightly different, but the work is almost exactly the same.
Nevertheless, he sees it as a new adventure… a new book he doesn’t associate with school, but is like a puzzle book to him… I started him with a few pages yesterday to get into the week. He came back to me three times to ask if he could do more – I had to stop him eventually, as he would have finished the book before this week was up!

I’m working on changing the schoolwork/boring thought pattern -it’s not so much of a problem with littlest bean, as he’s only been in kindy, but he still feels it, a bit….
… but it’s lovely when they find something that interests them so much, it transcends the “boring” label…

Yayy for exciting learning adventures!… and may your day be filled with love, growth and laughter! 😀

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