I’ve been getting over a cough sort of thing… not major stuff, but with worrying moments. It’s meant that I haven’t wanted to do too much, and haven’t really been out walking as I would normally do.
Next week we have an inspection, which means deeper cleaning than the everyweek schedule. This includes dusting. I thought I’d have trouble with the extra dust floating around, but I seem to be much better today 🙂 Nevertheless it’s been a bit of a week, with things that had to be done regardless, and things that I wanted to do… thankfully it’s holidays!
Do you know that feeling you sometimes get after a time of not feeling too well? A sort of sadness/tiredness – almost like the bottom drops out of life for a bit, and everything seems a bit greyer… not a big thing, but can lead to feeling old and listless for a time. I did go for a walk mid-afternoon, which helped. Having a go on the swings brought back a bit of childlike joy, free of care under the wide sky.
Back home after and listening to music, checking out the songs I don’t listen to as often. Here’s one that spoke to me in my “feeling old” mood!

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Cool Being Me

Last week of the term, and Sweet Bean finished his English tasks a while back… this week is mopping up the leftovers of other subjects in preparation for starting fresh next term. The English unit was based on “Soul Surfer”, the story of Bethany Hamilton. They looked at songs and poems, stories of inspirational people, and courage and determination…
One of the songs was this one…

It was used to reiterate the theme of Bethany’s catchphrase, “I’m cool being me!”
I haven’t yet seen the actual movie, but look forward to doing so.

Here’s a clip from behind the scenes, showing a different kind of courage.

And another! These were actually shown to me before we saw the song lyrics in the English unit, by a friend who had to share them because she thought they were so good 😀

Be brave. You are cool! ❤

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The Blue Blueness

Went for a long rambling walk this morning, with the blue skies arching above, and the weather unsure of whether it wanted to be cold or warm. I’ve been on progressively longer walks lately, revelling in the fresh air and sunshine.
Took a photo of a flower, because it was smiling at me.


It wasn’t quite the crisp clear image I was aiming for. The sun was on the screen, so I couldn’t quite see what was there – I just pointed and clicked. Also, the people who lived in the house had just come back from somewhere and seemed unsure as to why I was crouched by their fence… I smiled, waved, and then moved on. They seemed OK with that.
On the route I took today there is a big old Queensland nut tree, so I spent some time foraging on the footpath. Here’s my harvest.


The nuts themselves seem larger than the other trees I’ve tried – not sure if that’s to do with the age of the tree?

I enjoy walking. It’s invigorating, and always interesting. The only problem is that it can take time out of a day that may not have much left over. I never regret going. It’s easier to sit on the patio and drink coffee, but not as rewarding. Doesn’t it feel sometimes like there’s always something left to do? Even when deadlines are met, there’s still a lingering feeling of…something. In reality, of course, there always is something unfinished, or waiting to be taken care of. It’s important to take time out and still your soul. That can be with coffee on the patio, or with a long walk.


Today the sun shone like it was summer, and the skies soared into the bluest of blues. The sort of day where you breathe in inspiration, and remember how beautiful life is…



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Mood For The Evening

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Going Back To Move Forward

Off to town yesterday, just for the morning. Wandered about, had some coffee, looked in the shops, ended up in the library. I used to do that regularly, but recent years have found me more house bound. It was fun to go back to it for a morning, in this week where I take a breather and think about what’s next.
I picked up a feather somewhere on my way, and later was drawn to an autumn leaf.


Went to my favourite cafe, which has just expanded its dining area. Here’s my hummingbird cake (the coffee came a bit later).




This is the chair next to me – it was un-sit-on-able, as it had a plant on it.


Had a nice long walk today, and a swing in the playground. Saw this beautiful rose in a neighbour’s garden 😀


A couple more days off, then it’s back to the real world…

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Second Guessing

I’ve been meaning to write this post for the better part of the week, but kept getting distracted. Just as well, as it turns out…
It’s meant to be a celebration of finishing my course, or at least as much as I was able to. I was unable to get the supervised hours that I needed to get the qualification, so I’m not actually graduating. My goal was to get all the subjects and paperwork done, and leave with as much on my transcript as possible. Tuesday I finished the final (as I thought) piece of the puzzle, and (low key) celebrated that night.
Turns out there were a few forgotten bits of paper that had to be finished and sent back today, which I raced through this afternoon. Hopefully that’s all, folks!
How did I celebrate, you ask?
I “got” myself some flowers…


Sunflowers – so cheerful!


…and roses, because they’re beautiful.

Just to be clear, I didn’t actually buy them. I just took photos in the shop. That way I can enjoy them, and they won’t die.

I also indulged in some ice-cream.IMG_2685

Unicorn flavour!
(Actually, toffee, apparently)
These aren’t the healthiest snack on the planet, but I’d seen them around, felt like a bit of colour, and decided to try them. And now, I don’t need to try them again…
Here’s the inside.


Sweet, and fluffy.

What else did I do? Absolutely nothing! …except what I wanted to do – no deadlines!
And now – what for the future? Don’t know yet. Should be spectacular 😀

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A Hymn For A Sunday Night

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The Minutiae Loom Large Today

“The small, precise or trivial details of something”

I’m slowly meandering to the end of studying – it’s just making sure to cross ts/dot is now. Consequently, today has finished with a slowing down and appreciation of the trivial things; the fleeting things…

I went on my walk midafternoon today, rather than the morning walks I generally take. The light is quite different… it seemed less harsh, somehow. I gathered a harvest of macadamia nuts – a whole pocket full!


I grew up calling them “Queensland nuts”, because… that’s what they are.


Sitting on the patio, I could bask in the afternoon sun – lighting up the world and making it golden.


…contemplating my feet.
My short, stubby feet, which are still strong and carry me where I need to go.

What else have I enjoyed today?
Watching a tiny boy running joyfully with a huge pink balloon in each hand.
Various insects busily going about their very important business, small but purposeful.
Sending off an email that brings me closer to finishing important things.
My winter clothes drying in the sun, ready to keep me cosy in the coming cold.

There are many moments in a day.
Hope you see the minutiae, and feel quietly uplifted ❤

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Looking At The Sun

Not directly, of course. That would not end well.
It’s that winter sun time of year, where the skies are often bright and blue, but the air is tending to crisp and invigorating. I love to walk in the mornings and drink in the brightness, enjoying the flowers along the way. In some ways it’s like the Earth slows down, slipping into hibernation. We don’t get as cold here as other countries, but life can still be calmer…

My rosemary has been flowering…

…and other flowers are smiling.

Flowers within flowers! 😀

For some reason tiny white flowers, whatever they are, tend to glow in my photos.

The little things, the ones that don’t shout but are quietly beautiful, are worth searching for.

And my favourite at the moment!

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Get Thee To A Library!

We love our local library! 😀 Books are always enjoyed at our house, and libraries in this country are still free to use. Having your very own library card, and being able to stock up on the latest of whatever genre you wish are joys that I would hate to do without.
It seems to me, though, that libraries are steadily whittling down their stock, and taking up less space. This is not a good thing. I don’t believe e-books could ever completely take the place of paper and ink… there’s something about the solidness of a book in your hands that is not the same as a computer screen. I find it harder to retain information if my only source is on screen. I’m not the only one – studies have suggested that we don’t learn in the same way with e-books, and they may change the way we process data long term.
Nevertheless – patronising your local library is a good habit to get into. They even have e-books, as well as other resources!

Libraries in many places are more than just books (although that will always be my primary reason for going there…). There are community classes and events, and many methods to research and study. You can often find a cafe, either in the library or adjacent, and it’s a good place to meet up with friends.
Places such as Finland are serious about their libraries. They include services such as adult education and youth services, and lend items such as power tools and sports equipment, among other things. One library has a doorway leading into a supermarket, making it part of the community space.
Books will always be relevant. Other services are good for the community, but I still see them as extras…

On another bookish tangent, Iceland has a tradition called “Jolabokaflod”, or “Yule Book Flood”, where books are given on Christmas Eve, and the rest of the day/evening is spent reading them.
That’s my kind of holiday! ❤


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